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In Terms of Dionysis

Drink, Revelry, Sex, War

13 December 1986
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Whenever I see one of those hug counters I always click on them a couple times. I think giving hugs is awesome.

I'm obsessed with Vampire Hunter D.

The only yaoi pairing I can stand is RoxasXAxel. Why? Because it's the only one that is even vaguely supported by actual canon character actions.

I'm not a big fan of the New Testament.

I lied. There's one other. DxLeon from Pet Shop of Horrors. And that is also vaguely supported by canon character actions (mostly D's).

Old literature is boring. I blame the lack of sex and violence.

Modern art, poetry, and prose today are severely lacking. To that end, I think opium should be re-legalized. The best works of art/poetry/prose were written while their creators were high on this drug.

I wish to read the Quran.

I have read parts of The Book of Enoch. I enjoyed it.

My favorite shape is Metatron's Cube.

My favorite color is purple.

I have neither seen nor read The DaVinci Code. Nor do I ever wish to.

Not. Ever.

Dan Brown is a palgerist and would not know what a FACT was if it walked up and slapped him the face.

I am an aspiring Gnostic.

Smut really is better with boys.

I can't stand Vampire Hunter D fan fiction. Even though I've read a lot of it.

If it meant I could be sexy and fashionable I would be a gay man.

I am an Incan pirate. No joke.

If we're ever stranded somewhere, with no food or water, and I die. It's cool, you can totally eat me.

My favorite animal is the squid.

I was a fan of Yuffie Kisaragi BEFORE Advent Children and Kingdom Hearts. Even when she stole all my materia.

I have disowned Final Fantasy VII

Sigmas are sigmas. Epsilons are epsilons. Learn to tell the difference.

I made one of those color bar things! I don't really understand what they are for or the point behind them but I made one!

I am a proponent of wind energy and meeting and shaking hands with your anti-matter twin.

Granado Espada is mad pimp love

That's pretty much it.