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Reis [userpic]

Oh god

January 12th, 2009 (01:07 pm)

current mood: nervous

I'm taking a Shakespeare class where we are expected to act out parts in front of the class. I think I am going to be sick. /sob Why did I ever think this was a good idea!?!?

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January 9th, 2009 (02:47 pm)

current mood: blank

I got antidepressants from a psychiatrist I went to see the other day. He said to take them every morning so I have. They make me kindda hyper and excitable for a little while and then I sort of calm down and feel...less...so. It's weird. I'm kindda bored now but I don't feel like going out. I am thinking about going to the mall tomorrow. I wish I had transportation that was not public. Oh well.

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Disney World!

December 15th, 2008 (02:33 pm)

Went to Disney yesterday!! It was my present to my from my brother. So were the super discounts he gets from being a cast member! I got stuff. Great stuff. We went to Epcot. Better than the other parks IMO. We got Gran Marnier slushies in France and then walked around the countries except my brother wanted to go to Hollywood Studios so he was rushing us to eat some fast food so we ate in Mexico. My brother wanted to eat in Germany but my mother and I were like Bratwurst? No. I personally wanted to eat in France, Italy, or Japan but my brother was like NO. FAST. and I was crushed... I really wanted to have a sit down meal. The food took vengeance for me though because he felt bad later on from it. It was nothing to be concerned about so I secretly took pleasure in his discomfort. We didn't get to shop then because he was being so rush rush. We walked to Hollywood Studios. It's like a half an hour walk. It was nice but my stupid shoes which are meant to be running shoes are the most uncomfortable sneakers I've ever had the displeasure of owning. My feet were killing me. After a while I got used to it though. I should have worn my kitchen shoes. Those things are so amazingly comfortable. We walked to MGM and my brother and his lady friend cut out to ride rides. My mom and I just went to shoes. Three of them. Then she and I went back to Epcot and walked around finding stuff we wanted to buy. We never got to go back to Germany though. I wanted to buy chocolate. We got as far as Morocco where I bought a belly dance belt. My mom was trying to dissuade me since I already have one but I was kept telling her "Quality, Mom! Quality!". It cost $55.75 before my brother's awesome cast member discount. Cast members get really high discounts man. On some things it's up to 50%. My mom and I got rabbits in the UK. Two for the price of one because of his discount. Anyway, the belt ended up costing $35 and something odd cents. QUALITY! And then we watched the fireworks from a place that is usually special reserved. They were beautiful, especially at this time of year. There is an extra Christmas oriented bit. Apparently Disney spends something like 40k every NIGHT on the fireworks displays. I was amazed. It was a great day but every so often I kept thinking "It would be great if He were here with me." Turns out he's already taking on new prospects. That shouldn't hurt me. I have no opinion on that. He went out with some girl on my birthday of all days. He never took me out though he had ample opportunity. It doesn't matter anymore though. Well I had a great day at Disney yesterday in any case.

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(no subject)

October 2nd, 2008 (05:33 pm)

I wish that the light could always be like this. The way it is in the evening, shining in through my windows from the west. It's the perfect color and the perfect warmth and it makes me happy for some reason. I feel happier inside seeing the light from the evening sun. It's the best this time of year, with fall approaching and the weather getting cooler. I was happy when I realized a couple weeks ago that the weather had suddenly cooled down. I enjoy the colder weather and whenever I go outside in the mornings or the evenings I feel a lot better than I have lately, like everything's going to be okay. As the temperature drops my spirits rise. I wonder if that's a little strange?

I haven't been doing very well in my classes and I'm disappointed in myself. Latin's especially rough. I need to start buckling down. One month is gone already. Assignments start being due from October on, some of my midterms are in a couple of weeks.

I've started reading more lately.

Nothing interesting has happened. Nothing interesting ever happens. I'm such a boring person.

I realized a long time ago that people don't see things the same way I do. That sounds bad. Like I am setting myself up higher than other folks. It's true though isn't it? Everyone sees things a little bit differently. I wish I could tell my stories. I feel stories inside myself. Little things that wriggle and laugh and play games all day long, but they hide when I try to find them. Even simple stories like a thing that happened today or when I was young. I wish I wasn't so quiet. I don't know what's made me this way. I was pretty talkative when I was a kid. Somewhere between there and now I just became silent. I miss being able to be a kid. I miss having my parents around to instill a sense of responsibility in me. I miss having someone beside me.

I turn things into flags. When people talk to me sometimes I take certain phrases and turn them into flags. They become like little roadsigns in my life. Promises, broken promises, casual remarks, earnest remarks. I use words to mark the passage of time. To remember the way the sun shone or the way the tv was always on, how the clay was hard and wet and fun to work with, how our voices mingled in a strange harmony that we could literally feel, how hard I laughed in the grass, the way my best friend smelled, the way it felt to walk down the hall in the main building before they renovated it, the way he wiped my tears away.

I wish life could always be full of joy.

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Greenhouse Day

July 17th, 2008 (08:56 am)
current location: home

And no I'm not celebrating the trapping of greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere which is contributing to global warming.

What I mean is, today my World Herbs and Vegetables class is supposed to meet in the greenhouse! Yaaaay! Except I've already missed the bus and I don't know where the greenhouse is except that it's WAY the hell away from north campus. I'm considering not going at all, *sigh* but I guess I will. This is gunna be so lame.

My roommate just left. I probably should have told her there isn't going to be a bus passing by our building for another twenty minutes at LEAST, but she kind of just left. Oh well. I'm gunna go catch a bus.

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(no subject)

May 18th, 2008 (02:49 pm)

Love and trust were the only things he ever wanted. The only things he was never willing to give.

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One! Two! Ready? Go!

May 2nd, 2008 (02:31 pm)

current location: Gainesville
current mood: crazy
current song: Gay Boyfriend

Ready? Go!

Ready? Go!

Exams are over! Two whole months of FREEDOM after two straight years of college college college! Finally! A summer vacation!

I am going to JACON! and then I'm going to sleep, eat, and study Latin for two solid months.

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Girls drink free with student ID!

April 30th, 2008 (09:39 pm)

current mood: accomplished

Isn't that fucking horrible? Also ironic seeing as the school is an "alcohol free campus" and they make us do this stupid alcohol education course over the internet. I forgot where this student ID thing is happening but they need to end themselves.

Anyway my friends are going out tonight to get RUINED and invited me along. I was like, I would (if only to watch you get piss drunk and make fools of yourselves before making sure you got home safely) but no, I have another exam at noon thirty tomorrow. That part in parenthesis I totally thought in my head.

I have one more exam tomorrow. Intro to Weather. I am going to bomb it :D

My Western Civ final was today and I KNOW I did well on it. mufufufu

I went on blackboard because I am PRETTY sure Yeakel said he would put the final grades up there, but no all I have on my blackboard is quizes one through five. I should have talked to him about that or something... Anyway I don't even care. I hates me some latin. I especially hate that I have to study it like ALL SUMMER LONG.

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Latin Exam

April 28th, 2008 (11:11 am)

current mood: chipper

Oh my god. You, anonymous masses, have no idea how well I think I did! I answered every single question, there was not a blank space on the test. This doesn't mean I answered right of course but I was ten times the confident! At the very least he will see that I studied and tried and at least THOUGHT I knew what I was doing, but I have a very good feeling about this one.

So my exam started at 7:30 right? I was gunna sleep until 6:30 because I am so very lazy, but no, Michael forced me to get up and get dressed at six. What the hell, Michael? So I did and I was like Let me actually eat something before I go off to my doom, maybe ask the internets to wish me luck. I did both of these things and set my alarm to 6:50 because according to the RTS route schedule 16 picks up at 6:57 westbound so I was like ugh...do not want..I ended up one uping the clock cuz at 6:49 I was like nevermind I don't need you and reset it to an earlier time so it wouldn't ring. IN ANY CASE I go down at 6:50 and wait. Eventually there is a little convention of bus waiters waiting. The bus did not come until almost 7:20. I was like, oh god what a day for the buses to be doing this, don't they know people have exams? I know the bus works for the city but seeing as it is a COLLEGE town it would seem reasonable that they take into consideration that this is exam week. There is only one 17 and one 16 running the route where there should in actuality be two of each. There are huge groups of people waiting all along the westbound route that need to get to their exams. What the H rts? I know because I have seen them. I passed my stop coming back so I could go to the store and they are all out there going noooooweneedtogettoclass.

But yeah that was the most bullshitingest thing ever.

I went to the store. Man I did not realize it was still so early. I went and bought kitty litter and miscellaneous food stuffs (pitas, wraps, and cheese) and I came home. I just ate lunch because I felt like it was so much later than it is and then I looked at the clock. Wow. Now I am so full I probably won't eat for the rest of the day.

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Oh god

April 28th, 2008 (06:38 am)

current mood: anxious

If anyone checks their live journal this early in the morning and happens to see mine: My Latin Exam of Doom is today. Wish me luck please!

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